5 Best Vayne Skins in League of Legends

The best Vayne skins in League of Legends are some of the game's flashiest. As one of the older marksmen in the game, Vayne has a collection of beautiful skins, yet five of them stand out from the rest.

Here are the five best Vayne skins in League of Legends.

5. Vindicator Vayne

As one of the original Vayne skins, Vindicator Vayne has since been retired to the Legacy Vault, making the skin unobtainable except through Mystery Gifting and Hextech Crafting.

The exclusivity of Vindicator Vayne separates those who occasionally play the champion from those who have dedicated time to playing the Night Hunter.

The skin is simple, yet still visually appealing, featuring a blue and purple take on the AD Carry. With a metal arm and crossbow, Vindicator Vayne serves as a good choice for those Vayne mains who want to show off their experience with the champion.

4. Aristocrat Vayne

Like Vindicator Vayne, Aristocrat Vayne has been around since the champion's creation. 

Having a similar color scheme as the base model, Aristocrat Vayne sports a unique feathery headpiece and a silvery pink braided ponytail. With its royal red accents accompanied with the black gloves and puffy collar, this elegant skin remains true to its name, providing players with a flashy skin to win games with.

3. Arclight Vayne

The yellow and white color scheme provides a unique yet beautiful choice out of all of Vayne's skins. 

Arclight Vayne's shoulder and head pieces make the skin look like something straight out of Ancient Greece, yet the subtle yellow accents on Vayne's leg and ability effects draw out the holiness behind the skin's theme. 

This skin is affordable at 975 RP, making it one of Vayne's most beautiful and up to date skins available for direct purchase.

2. Soulstealer Vayne

As a Hextech exclusive skin, Soulstealer Vayne has found its way towards the top of this list.

The neon green accents make this color scheme stand out from other Vayne skins, while the dark blue base of the skin blends in well with Vayne's character lore as the Night Hunter. 

Players who wish to show off this skin must first put in the time and dedication to collecting 10 Gemstones in order to craft the skin. This exclusivity adds to the skin's overall appeal and makes for a flashy skin in-game. 

1. Project: Vayne

Although it's been a while since Project: Vayne was released in 2017, this skin still remains as the best Vayne skin to date.

As a Legendary skin, the skin is priced at 1820 RP and features new animations, voice lines, and particles for the champion. The purple design is sleek and fitting to both the Project line and character lore for the Night Hunter. 

Vayne's crossbow is a purple and blue ombré that upgrades for the duration of Vayne's ultimate ability. During the ultimate's effects, players will see a mask-like purple vignette effect around their screen.

One of the most exciting new features of this skin is the ability for players to drive around on a motorbike while leaving the fountain. With these additional effects, players can truly embrace the cyborg hunter lore behind the Project line, making the skin well-worth the price.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games