​Joona "zappis" Alakurtti will have a chance to remain with the Florida Mayhem for Overwatch League Season 2 after the Overwatch World Cup, Florida Mayhem CGO Joe "InnerFlame" Elouassi revealed. 

​​After it was announced that zappis was one of the ​six Florida Mayhem players released from the team, zappis clarified his departure from the ​Overwatch League through a tweet. "I was told I could focus on Overwatch World Cup and had a chance to trial at some point. The trials were concluded while I was in Korea," he ​said. Zappis is a part of Team Finland, and won second place at the Incheon group stage to advance to the playoffs.

Tom "Stylosa" Stewart, the British Consultant of the London Spitfire, replied and said it was a disgraceful way to treat a contracted player. InnerFlame later responded to Stylosa and revealed zappis would be allowed to trial after the Overwatch World Cup.

​​The Incheon group stage took place took place in August, which meant zappis would be hard at work practicing with his team before traveling to South Korea. InnerFlame confirmed the round of trials took place while zappis was in South Korea, but revealed zappis was offered a non-player role within the team that "plays to his strengths." 

The Florida Mayhem will continue its trials after the Overwatch World Cup ends in November, and zappis will be given a chance to keep his spot on the team.

The Overwatch World Cup will resume Friday with the ​Los Angeles group stage.

Cover photo courtesy of Robert Paul/Blizzard