The Humble Monthly deal, which allows players to claim a copy of games potentially worth hundreds of dollars for $12 a month, includes a copy of Overwatch in its latest deal.

​​Humble's deal for October includes a copy of ​Overwatch among the games players can claim through a subscription with the site. 

The Humble Monthly bundle is a bundle of games players receive on the first Friday of every month for a subscription of $12. Players will be allowed to keep the game(s) after the month is up, too.

"Once you subscribe to October's bundle with Overwatch and more, stick around! You'll score bonus loot boxes when you stay subscribed for November and/or December," the post read. It appears the copy of Overwatch will be for free only on PC, and not on consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox. 

The deal is currently the cheapest way to purchase a copy of Overwatch. Blizzard occasionally sells Overwatch at a discount during events, but the price ​usually does not fall as low as $12. 

Photo courtesy of Blizzard