​Overwatch has seen a few balance changes this year, but the best Overwatch change all year is certainly the healer changes introduced in the Summer Games patch last month. 

Healers in ​Overwatch have been through the ringer, from the days of Ana and her massive healing into tanks, the old days of Lucio, and of course, Mercy, Blizzard's never-ending project to make a character irrelevant. 

The reason this patch was great was because the healer changes made essentially all healers viable. Some are certainly better on certain maps and with different compositions, but there is no immediate lock for healers anymore. Lets go through every healer and see how they were helped. 

Mercy received the biggest nerf, and some believe she is not as viable anymore. Her healing was decreased from 60/second to 50/second, a large nerf. The change meant that a Mercy has to be more aware and has to get value from their resurrections, a tough task. Overall, this made Mercy a situational character that takes more skill to use. 

Lucio received some small changes, but the meta is more favorable to him now. His value comes from his speedboost, a skillful ability that requires coordination. The Mercy nerfs allow Lucio to take a spot in the healer meta, especially on bulky compositions. Moira, like Lucio, took some small changes, but the Mercy nerfs allow Moira to shine more. The best healer in terms of raw output, her spot as a tank healer has not changed as much. Nevertheless, Moira is in a better spot because of Mercy falling. 

Ana received the biggest increase in standing. Considered unviable before, Ana has returned as a skillful healer. A good Ana player can get so much value and help to carry a team to victory. Brigitte is still in an odd spot, where at low ranks, she can be considered overpowered. Blizzard should continue to tune her so that she is not quite as dominant at the lower ranks of the game. 

Zenyatta is the only healer who did not get any changes, but the changes to other healers subsequently made him more of a situational pick. A player can still get great value from the highest DPS support and can use him most places. This ​healer patch has made every character in the healing role viable, ultimately making the game more fun for many players. Most of the ​changes in 2018 have been great, but this has been the best. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard