The Odyssey: Extraction game mode enters League of Legends Patch 8.18, which goes live Wednesday.

The game mode, which ties into the Odyssey event set to go live in ​League of Legends, allows players to play as Yasuo, Jinx, Malphite, Sona and Ziggs as they battle hordes of aliens.

In a game of Odyssey: Extraction, players will fight through 20 different kinds of computer-controlled enemies, including an extremely powerful Kayn, as they attempt to escape. Along the way they'll pick up powerups and collectibles while avoiding hazards such as fire beam crystals and volcanoes.

Each of the champions will receive special stats bonuses in the game mode, from extra attack damage and ability power for Malphite to massive ultimate cooldown for Jinx. Players will also be equipped with two unique summoner spells: Warp, which turns the player briefly untargetable and invulnerable as they dash towards a location, and Resuscitate, which can revive a fallen teammate.

Whenever players complete a game of Odyssey: Extraction, they have the chance to earn augments for the champions. These are powerful ability modifiers that can be equipped and swapped out between games, and which persist throughout the duration of the event. Players can earn up to five slots and 15 augments to equip in those slots.

Riot Games ​first teased the Odyssey event Sunday with a short video posted to Twitter. The following day, the developer ​posted a trailer showing off the characters and stories involved in the event. Earlier Tuesday, Surrender@20 ​previewed the cosmetics for each of the participating champions involved in the event.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games