Championship Kha'Zix and Hextech Malzahar skins hit the Public Beta Environment in Tuesday's League of Legends Patch 8.19 PBE update alongside golden chromas for previous Championship skins, esports icons and emotes, ward skins and balance changes for Nunu & Willump.

Patch notes for the ​League of Legends PBE changes show new golden chromas for Championship Kha'Zix, Shyvana, Zed, Thresh and Kalista, though details on how to unlock them remain unknown. 

Each team participating in the League of Legends World Championships will receive summoner icons and emotes added to the game in their honor, which will reach the live client.

New ward skins and a matching emote also hit the PBE in Tuesday's update.

Finally, Nunu & Willump received a pair of buffs to their Snowball Barrage (E), raising the Snowball AP damage ratio from 5 percent to 8, and raising Willump's Turn AP ratio from 50 percent to 80.

This is the first round of changes in the Patch 8.19 PBE cycle. It coincides with the release of Patch 8.18 to live servers Wednesday, bringing the new ​PVE mode Odyssey: Extraction​balance changes to several heroes, the ​end of the Nexus Blitz alpha and an adjustment to summoner spells in draft queues.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games