Hyeong-seok "WizardHyeong" Kim​ and Joon-hwa "Janus" Song have joined the Washington D.C. Overwatch League franchise as the team's head coach and first player, respectively, according to the team's announcement Wednesday.

Per the ​announcement, the team's assistant general manager Kate Mitchell — ​herself announced Saturday — chose the two former New York Excelsior members for the fledgling ​Overwatch team. In a statement, she emphasized the importance of the roles WizardHyeong and Janus would fill.

"Head coach and main tank are the two most important positions in Overwatch League," she said. "The entire style of the team flows from them. Both Wizardhyeong and Janus are excited to help build one of the strongest teams in the Overwatch League and these signings are a powerful statement of our intentions to compete with the best.”

WizardHyeong's signing comes after he ​denied rumors Tuesday that he had signed with a new Overwatch League team. The rumors began swirling when ​he announced his departure from the NYXL, the ​same day it released Janus, then 24 hours later announced he was no longer in search of a team.

As the head coach for the NYXL, WizardHyeong led the team to the best record in the league's inaugural season at 34-6 and a third-fourth place finish overall.

The Washington D.C. Overwatch League franchise was ​first reported on Sept. 4.

Photo courtesy of Overwatch League DC