Blizzard included major updates to aim assist for Overwatch console players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the latest Overwatch patch. 

Blizzard added a new Overwatch patch to live servers. The patch was highlighted by the new control map Busan, which is now live on all servers, but an important update for console Overwatch players was included in the patch. The previous aim assist would decrease the player's controller sensitivity input to allow for more precision while aiming, and it would automatically adjust a player's crosshairs toward the direction the target moved around them. The new aim assist expands on those two functionalities.

"Now, we incorporate how you are currently turning with the aim stick when determining how the enemy is moving relative to yourself," Blizzard said. "In practice, this means if you are perfectly tracking a target aim assist will not activate. It also means that the speed you turn at when outside of combat versus actively tracking a target will be much more aligned."

The new aim assist will choose the aim assist target by choosing the target a player is already most accurately tracking. "This should reduce instances where your aim could be pulled away from your focused target if another enemy crossed your path."

Aiming for console Overwatch players is more of a challenge than using a keyboard and mouse, and Blizzard's efforts should create a better experience for players who are using heroes that heavily rely on aim, such as Widowmaker or Ana.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard