In a new PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS community weekly post, PUBG Corp addressed the PUBG Xbox achievements problem where players couldn't unlock achievements. 

Although ​PUBG Corp previously told fans it was ​investigating the achievements problem for PUBG Xbox players, it announced it is still looking into it. ​​"We are still investigating an issue with achievements not tracking properly, or not unlocking upon completing requirements," the post read. "We have seen that some achievements are unlocking for players with a bit of a delay, while some simply aren’t unlocking at all."

PUBG Corp mentioned it is looking into finding a solution with its Mircrosoft team. "We hope to have a more concrete update on this soon."

The PUBG Xbox War Mode start date ​was also revealed in the community post. War Mode is a new addition to PUBG following the launch of PUBG 1.0 for Xbox.

Cover photo courtesy of PUBG Corp