CompLexity Gaming's CEO Jason Lake claimed in a tweet that ​Rory "dephh" Jackson turned down an offer from Cloud9.

Dephh has been with compLexity since early 2016, where the team suffered disappointing results which carried throughout early 2017. Despite this he stayed with the team up until present day, however dephh's loyalty reached its peak when he reportedly turned down a "huge offer" from C9 in early 2018, which was shortly after C9's win at the ELEAGUE Boston Major.

​​His loyalty apparently paid off, as compLexity's performance at the London FACEIT Major is nothing short of impressive. CompLexity swept through the Legends stage with a 3-0 record after recently beating BIG in a 16-8 match, a victory which sends the team straight into the the New Champions stage.

The Champions stage will begin on Sept. 20 and continue throughout the weekend, and will feature CS:GO teams from around the world competing for the million dollar prize pool.

Photo courtesy of FACEIT