A new Overwatch game mode called Mystery Deathmatch entered the game's Arcade mode Monday.

​The arcade in Overwatch has been graced with a new mode, this time being an eight player free-for-all, but with a twist. The twist is that a player does not choose their hero, it is randomly assigned after each death. This is a great way to show off the flexibility that a player has, but also a great way to learn lots of new heroes. 

There will certainly be games where a player seems unable to get a "good" hero, games where a player will get stuck with Orisa or Mercy multiple times and unable to kill anything. This is an inevitability, but hopefully the pros will outweigh those small cons. For players who have not already participated in this Mystery Deathmatch, there is a free loot box available upon the first win in this mode, separate from the three weekly loot boxes in the arcade normally. 

Arcade has always been made for fun modes, and this fits that trend perfectly. Certainly not a replacement for ​competitive, it is a time wasting mode to get lost in. ​Overwatch has some other great fun modes such as 4-v-4 Deathmatch and Low Gravity to keep a player up at night, and this appears to be the latest.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard