Adam "Armada" Lindgren, perhaps the greatest Super Smash Bros. Melee player of all time, announced his retirement from singles competition Tuesday in an emotional video posted to YouTube.

​Citing a severe loss of motivation since 2017, Armada declared he would no longer compete in ​Melee singles events, choosing instead to focus on doubles with his brother Andreas "Android" Lindgren, and on his personal stream.

Armada was one of the rare players who not only innovated, but perfected. His work developing Peach rocketed the character from irrelevance to the absolute top of the Melee world alongside his own unprecedented rise. He developed his own meticulous play as he pushed the character's capabilities, shocking the world with his debut in the United States at GENESIS over nine years ago.

Known as the Swedish Sniper for his unparalleled accuracy with turnips, Armada claimed an unbelievable 21 major trophies. He spent four years as the top ranked player in the game and another nine total in the top five.

His last singles performance came just over a month ago at Super Smash Con in August, where he claimed his last first place finish after an absolutely grueling 10-game series against Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman.

Armada's contributions to Melee stretched beyond gameplay, however, as he has served as a member of the Competition Committee since its creation in 2017. He's advocated tirelessly for Melee's success, playing an instrumental part in the game's inclusion at DreamHack events beginning with DreamHack London in 2015.

He often took bold stands for what he saw as right, offering to relinquish his position on the Competition Committee in September 2017 when it was revealed no women had been chosen to sit the panel, offering his seat to New York tournament organizer Emily "EmilyWaves" Sun instead.

Players and fans across the community reacted with support and sadness at Armada's retirement announcement, with figures such as Hugo "HugS" Gonzales and Weston "Westballz" Dennis expressing their regret and love for the Melee titan.

With Armada's retirement, the number of active Melee gods drops to three: Joseph "Mang0" Marquez, Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma and Mew2King. His departure further signals the changing of the guard in Melee, as younger players such as Justin "Plup" McGrath and Zain Naghmi step up to claim the newly vacant throne.

Only one player seemed to find the humor in Armada's departure. "Oh fuck yeah Adam quit," Mang0 wrote on Twitter. "Happy I wasnt the first [to retire] ROFLL." But in the end, even Mang0 had to pay tribute to the Swedish Beast.

"Rip Adam. It was fun <3."

Photo by John Michaels/Super Smash Con