An Overwatch fan created an amazing Ana cosplay that turned the support hero into a member of Blackwatch, the covert ops division of Overwatch.


The Blackwatch Ana concept was created by ​an artist on Instagram, which cosplayer ​Tsuki Iseki brought to life. Although the cosplay is incredibly similar to Ana's Captain Amari skin, the Blackwatch Ana design removes all colors that are used for ​Overwatch uniforms and replaces them with the black, red, and grey colors Blackwatch operatives were known to wear.

Ana's hat, which is similar to ​Moira's Blackwatch hat, also features the Blackwatch logo on it. The rest of her outfit takes on a more sinister look than the more inviting colors players are familiar seeing in Ana.

Although Ana was never a part of Blackwatch, and ​appeared to be against it and its actions for the most part, seeing what she could have looked like if she chose to be a different type of hero is interesting. 

Photos courtesy of Blizzard and ​Tsuki Iseki