​A new Brigitte jump exploit was discovered by Overwatch players, which allows Brigitte to reach distances far away using her kit. 

​​The exploit, as demonstrated in the video, can send Brigitte flying toward locations she should not be able to reach in ​Overwatch. By pressing jump, Shield Bash, and Brigitte's Whip Shot in quick succession against certain surfaces, Brigitte will soar into the sky. The compilation shows many areas the exploit can be used on, including prime locations for snipers. 

The jump is similar to a ​jump exploit Brigitte had when she was initially introduced, though Blizzard later fixed the bug. After the latest update, it appears the bug resurfaced on live servers, but requires players to use Whip Shot.

Overwatch was updated Monday with a new addition to the arcade: ​Mystery Deathmatch. The mode plays like Free-for-All Deathmatch, but upon respawning each player will spawn as a new hero -- like Mystery Heroes. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard