5 Best Soraka Skins in League of Legends

Soraka has many different skins, but there are a few different skins that are the best Soraka skins in League of Legends. 

Soraka is a champion in League of Legends that has been around since the beginning. With that in mind, she has plenty of great skins for players to get excited for. The skins on this list are the five best Soraka skins in League of Legends.

5. Order of the Banana

This is one of Soraka's more classic skins. Players are always making jokes about her auto attacks resembling a banana, also, her voice lines only add to the jokes. With all this in mind, this is a whimsical skin that Soraka players love.

4. Star Guardian

Soraka's newest skin was met with overwhelming positivity from the League of Legends player base. Players love the Star Guardian theme and adding a support like Soraka to the mix only made sense, since she herself hails from the stars.

3. Program

Released with a similar Lissandra skin, Program Soraka is a great skin for players to add to their collection. The skin has completely unique animations, pixels, and even some updated voice lines that players can easily fall in love with.

2. Celestine

While this certainly isn't one of Soraka's more expensive skins, it is a great one to have none the less. In her lore, Soraka is a being from the stars that watches over all living creatures. Having her dressed in attire that would befit a celestial guardian is a very fitting theme.

1. Reaper

A favorite skin to many is the Reaper Soraka skin. It is a Halloween exclusive, so when October rolls around, support mains need to save up enough RP to be able to get this skin before it goes into the vault again.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games