The long-awaited Torbjörn rework was discussed in Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan's latest developer update Friday and through a post by Overwatch developer Geoff Goodman on the Overwatch forum. Goodman revealed the rework is on the Overwatch Public Test Region.

Blizzard increased his gun's offensive potential by increasing its primary fire projectile speed and reduced its reload time from 2.2 seconds to two seconds.

"Rivet Gun’s alternate fire has been rebalanced by decreasing the recovery time between shots so that it matches the same cadence as its primary fire," Goodman wrote. "The damage was lowered slightly as a result though overall, it’s more powerful."

Torbjörn will no longer have Armor Packs and his turret is now a thrown projectile. Turret levels were also removed, and the turret will now deploy at the former level two. 

"A new turret cannot be placed if the turret has taken or dealt damage within the last three seconds," Goodman wrote.

Turrets also can be manually destroyed and will no longer be destroyed if Torbjörn dies while building it. 

Much like Mercy's original Resurrect ultimate, Torbjörn's Molten Core was turned into a regular ability in ​Overwatch -- though there are major changes to the way it functions. Overload, the new ability, operates similarly to the original Molten Core and will grant him 150 temporary armor, a 30 percent increase in movement speed, a 30 percent increased Rivet Gun and reload and attack speed, and a 30 percent increased Hammer attack speed. The ability lasts for five seconds and is on a 12 second cooldown.

"It provides both offensive and defensive advantages, giving it a good deal of flexibility depending on when it is used," Blizzard explained. 

His ultimate keeps its name but has new abilities. Molten Core will now create burning pools of slag that will continuously damage any enemies standing on it. 

"He can use this area denial in a variety of ways to control choke points, objectives, separate enemy players from their allies, cut off escape routes, or slow an enemy advance," the post read.

Torbjörn can launch 10 molten projectiles that burst into a damaging pool. It will deal extra damage to enemies with armor, like Brigitte and Wrecking Ball. The projectile will bounce off walls and enemies until it comes in contact with the ground. 

"The new Molten Core maintains the functionality of zoning enemies from safely entering crucial parts of the battlefield with his ultimate while being more readily useful in situations where you aren’t able to keep a turret up."

Goodman said the rework will be available on the PTR. 

Photos and videos courtesy of Blizzard