Jeff Kaplan confirmed Halloween Terror will return this fall to Overwatch and explain in a developer update about why Blizzard has decided not to introduce a new mode. 

Jeff Kaplan explains the team is excited about Overwatch seasonal events like Halloween Terror and fully plans to bring new and exciting cosmetics as it did for the Summer Games. Kaplan hinted at skin for Junkenstein's monster's bride, but did no say who would be receiving it.

Blizzard has decided to touch up the old Junkenstein event mode instead of building a brand new feature for the game. The team wants to focus on hero balance changes as mentioned in the video. This way, Blizzard can focus primarily on Overwatch's gameplay while fans can enjoy

a beloved seasonal event and enjoy new cosmetics. Everybody wins. 

Jeff Kaplan also explains the new ​Torbjörn rework and ​colorblind improvements that will be coming to Overwatch soon. 

Photo courtesy of Overwatch