Jeff Kaplan teased a new Junkenstein's Bride skin for Overwatch's Halloween Terror event in a recent developer update. 

The much-anticipated event for fall is Halloween Terror and Junkenstein's Revenge which is a PvE mode for players. While Jeff Kaplan has already stated the team will not be adding a new game mode for fans, the team will work on bringing amazing cosmetics and teased a bride for Junkenstein's monster. 

While many in the community will be disappointed in not receiving a new PvE scenario in Halloween Terror, the overall feedback should be positive if the hero balance changes, like the new changes and rework for Torbjörn, are received well

Jeff Kaplan also announced new improvements to the already existing colorblind mode for Overwatch

It's not known who would receive the honorable skin next to Roadog, but Widowmaker is a likely candidate.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard