PLAYERSUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS for Xbox experienced major problems affecting the purchasing of new weapon skins and receiving achievements after the PUBG Xbox 1.0 launch. PUBG Corp addressed the problems in its latest PUBG Xbox community post, revealing the source of delayed achievements was identified and will be fixed soon.

PUBG Corp announced it pinpointed the problem that prevented achievements from being awarded to players upon completion. The new QBZ and QBU weapons are not properly defined in the game logs. "This means that currently, QBZ and QBU kills may not be counting towards achievements," it said. PUBG Corp added it expects to have a fix out for the problem soon.

The community post also revealed weapon skins will continue to be unavailable until PUBG Corp is able to find a fix for war mode. The new PUBG Xbox event mode Desert Knights went live and was the first war mode event for Xbox players, but PUBG Corp disabled group queue because of stability problems. 

It will focus on a fix for group queue in war mode first before solving the weapon skins problem.

Cover photo courtesy of PUBG Corp