Astralis claimed its fifth premier victory of the year Sunday, stomping Natus Vincere to take home first place at the FACEIT London Major​.

Astralis took an early and commanding lead in the ​Counter-Strike: Global Offensive series after a 16-6 win on Nuke, repeatedly shutting down its Ukrainian opponent with unimpeachable decision-making to trump Na'Vi's strong individual performances.

Na'Vi's counter pick of Overpass went marginally better, as the team pulled itself out of a spiral with an impressive string of round wins to keep Astralis off match, and series, point. In the end, however, Astralis cleaned up the map 16-9.

This marks three top two finishes in a row for Astralis, preceded by ​second place at DreamHack Stockholm and ​first place at the ELEAGUE Premier, further cementing its position as the single strongest CS:GO team in the world.

As the team finally closed out the series, Daniel "ddk" Kapadia may have said it best: "The Astralis era is absolutely cemented."

Photo courtesy of ELEAGUE