Real Madrid might be eyeing an entry into both League of Legends and FIFA, according to a video published Sunday previewing the team's revamped Bernabéu ​Stadium.

In the video segment showing off the stadium's potential new features, one shot (​found at 2:13) appears to show the Isurus Gaming and Furious Gaming ​League of Legends teams competing against one another in a what appears to be an esports auditorium. Curiously, the screen between the two teams displays a ​FIFA match, rather than League of Legends.

The discrepancy between the teams and the game could hint at an upcoming entry into both League of Legends and FIFA, but it could just as likely be an oversight by the organization's public relations teams.

Real Madrid is not currently involved in esports, having no players under contract in any game, but the application period for the 2019 EU LCS Partnership System is open. According to a ​report by Turkish news site 5mid, at least seven soccer clubs have applied to be a part of the league. Real Madrid could be among them.

Real Madrid center back Alvaro Arbeloa ​is already an investor in the Spanish League of Legends team Origen, indicating some familiarity with the space and adding to speculation.

Photo courtesy of Real Madrid