How to Get Every Overwatch Skin

Overwatch skins are some of the best items in the game, giving each hero new and unique looks. Some of them are easy to get, but some are frustratingly hard, and may seem like an impossibility. Some are impossible to get, sorry to say, but for the most part, any player can obtain most of the skins in Overwatch. 

Common Skins

The common skins are the default skins on every character. No need to try to get these as they are automatically unlocked for every single character, and automatically equipped.


The rare skins are the color swaps of the common skins. They can be found in any loot box, or can be purchased for 75 gold at any point. There is a rare item in every single loot box, but this may include other rare items such as voicelines. 


The epic skins are the special color swaps, and sometimes house a small change to the characters model. They are obtained out of any loot box, and can be purchased for 250 gold at any point in time. Blizzard has stated that an epic item (not specifically a skin) should appear, on average, once every five and a half loot boxes. 


Legendary skins are some of the best in the game, completely changing how a character looks. There are some fantastic regular legendaries to obtain, with at least four being available for each character. They can be obtained from regular loot boxes and appear, on average, once every 13.5 boxes. They can also be purchased for 1000 gold at any point in time.

Overwatch League

These skins are re-colors of the common skin for each character, showing off team colors for Overwatch League teams. They are priced at 100 Overwatch League Tokens each. A player cannot obtain OWL tokens naturally right now, as it is the offseason, but they can purchase 100 tokens for $4.99. During the season, if a player links their Twitch and Blizzard accounts, they can earn a single OWL token per completed map they watch.

Overwatch League All-Access Pass

The ​Overwatch League All-Access Pass is purchasable for $29.99, and gives a player extra content when watching the Overwatch League, but it also unlocks a few special skins. It unlocks the away colored skins for each team. The All-Access Pass also gives owners access to the Overwatch League gray skins for certain characters, a gray version of the default skin, with the OWL logo on it. Some Overwatch League gray skins are only available by cheering a certain number of bits on the official Overwatch League Twitch stream.

Event Epics

Event specific epic skins are only available during their specific event (and the Anniversary event, when all skins are available). They cost 750 gold during their inaugural event, but in their second year and any after, are dropped to 250 gold. They can also be obtained from loot boxes. The spawn rate of event skins is the same as regular items of the same quality, but are calculated separately. This means that, during an event, regular epic skins and event epic skins do not interfere with each other, but still have the same drop rate. 

Event Legendaries

Event legendaries are without a doubt some of the ​greatest skins in Overwatch. They are available only during their specific event (and during the Anniversary event) and cost 3000 gold at first. The second time a skin is available, it costs 1000 gold for any player. They can also be obtained from loot boxes, just like any other event skin.

Origins Edition Skins

There are only five Overwatch: Origins Edition skins: Soldier: 76, Pharah, Widowmaker, Tracer and Bastion. This is a special edition of the game, and costs $20 extra on top of the base game for PC. This is the only way to obtain these skins.

BlizzCon Skins

There are only three BlizzCon skins currently, one for each year that Overwatch has been available. These are only available if a player has purchased a ticket to BlizzCon, physical or virtual. The skins were for Winston in 2016, Bastion in 2017, and this year's skin is for ​Sombra, which is still available for any player willing to purchase the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket.

Pink Mercy

This skin was only available for a short promotion to help raise money for breast cancer research. It cost $20, with the proceeds going toward the charity. It is unknown if this skin will be available again for a future promotion.