League of Legends champion Heimerdinger received a new Dragon Trainer skin Tuesday, which expects to go live in League of Legends Patch 8.20.

​​The new Heimerdinger skin has finally been released on the Public Beta Environment following ​a short video teaser released Sunday The trailer previously hinted at a new skin for the Yordle, showing a hatching dragon egg with the inventor's voice in the background.

The PBE preview Tuesday displays the Yordle with a red baby dragon on his head juggling eggs and summoning even more of the mythical reptiles in place of turrets. For his ultimate ability, Heimerdinger summons an even bigger adult dragon as an upgraded turret.

Upon recalling, Heimerdinger summons another baby dragon before jumping on the same adult dragon as his upgraded turret and flying back to base.

The skin also comes fully equipped with new special interactions with a wide variety of champions, including Kled and those from the Dragon Trainer line.

As with any ​League of Legends skin, there won't be a definitive release date, although it will be released after first going through testing on the 8.20 PBE cycle.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games