5 Events to Replace Overwatch's Summer Games

Overwatch Events are some of the best parts about the game, bringing new cosmetics and new game modes. Some have started to fall flat, however, and should be replaced by new events with new skins. The worst offender of this is Summer Games, which started off as an event dedicated to the 2016 Rio Olympic games. The last appearance was lackluster to say the least, with many fans clamoring for something new. 

Here are five events to replace Overwatch's Summer Games. 

5. Beach Fun

Not much of a departure, other than the name, this could just be a rebranding of the Summer Games event. If they got rid of Lucioball, which has started to feel stale, this could be a good replacement name for the event. 

4. World Cup

If Blizzard is intent on keeping Lucioball around as a game mode, changing Summer Games to the World Cup could be a great way to tie it in. This would not necessarily be the best, as the World Cup was played this year, and will not return for another four years. 

3. Southern Hemisphere Summer

Now this is an odd idea, but having an event or parts of the event that celebrate the southern hemisphere could create some interesting Winter/Summer skins and ideas. Possibly a mix of the two halves of the world could lead to some great ideas and fun concepts for the Overwatch community to work through. 

2. Overwatch World Cup

Overwatch and the professional Overwatch scene should see some more tie in's, and this could be a fantastic way to do this. Releasing exclusive country based skins and bringing national pride into the game could be a great way, not only to tie in the professional play, but also to rebrand a stale event. 

1. Overwatch World Tour

This event could be rebranded as a celebration of different world cultures. Travelling to a different culture each year, and celebrating traditional summer holidays could bring great exposure to the game, but also great skins from different countries and different celebrations. 

Photos courtesy of Blizzard/Robert Paul