​The conclusion of the Summer Skirmish Series for Fortnite ended in Seattle, Washington earlier this month, and displayed a bright future for Epic Games in esports.

Four days of virtually non-stop competitive ​Fortnite action was held right outside the venue of PAX West. This event has been the biggest event for Fortnite as an esports, so far.   

The main attraction was the chance to compete for the $1.5 million total prize pool. This event attracted a huge amount of professional players and content creators. Notable names such as, Thomas "72hrs" Mulligan, Noah, "Vivid" Wright, and Ali "Myth" Kabbani all competed for the top placement. This one tournament alone allowed players to gain traction in their competitive Fortnite career. Different organizations like, Team Solo Mid, Cloud 9, Ghost Gaming, Team Envy, and FaZe Clan were able to show off just how strong their players were. 

Players on these teams are well known throughout the community, streaming and creating content on Twitch and Youtube. This final brought these players together as a collective community, sharing the same passion for Fortnite. Many of these players were seeing each other for the very first time, when all they've known about the other had been purely online.

What Epic Games executed so well on this tournament was making it completely open to the public. The thousands of people who attended PAX West were given the full opportunity that was exclusive to professionals and content creators. Absolutely anyone could compete and win the ridiculous prize pool. By having the tournament set up this way, Epic Games has set themselves apart as a rising esports titan.

Even if the attendees did not want to participate in the tournament, there was a huge tent near the play area where people could hang out and mingle with everyone else. This gave an opportunity for individuals to meet their favorite players that they support. Team Liquid had a huge presence in this tournament, being one of the favorites to have all their players at the top of the standings. Jake "Poach" Brumleve had a fantastic third place finish, putting him with winnings totaling $135,000.

Even through this tournament was by no means perfect, it's an extremely grounded one. Since the beginning of the 2018 Summer Skirmish series, Epic has consistently altered the format of tournament matches, each better than the last. The finals introduced the current best format, with the incentive for eliminations. Placement as usual, was another popular way for the players to get their points. As of now, the ​Fall Skirmish Series has only just begun, and players can expect more changes to the format in the future.

The Fall Skirmish Series will be ending this year at TwtichCon in San Jose, California. As of now, only invited players are expected to play in these finals. Hopefully, Epic will take the good parts of Pax West's tournament and incorporate them in the Fall Skirmish Finals. There are thousands of players looking to get into the competitive scene of Fortnite, and the Skirmish Series is a great way to get involved with. 

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games