Blizzard Entertainment released another episode to its "Heroes Among Us" series that shares the story of Vitor Silveira's organization Ecopoint: Brazil, a project dedicated to the reforestation of areas in Brazil.

Silveira is a graphics and game design professor from Sao Paulo, Brazil. As a fan of the Overwatch universe, he built his reforestation project after joining the community and becoming inspired by the message behind one of the game's animated short stories.

Ecopoint: Brazil takes after the animated short "Rise and Shine," which follows Mei's story when she wakes up in Antarctica alone with only a small robot to keep her company. In the short, Mei works with the help of this robot assistant to build the weapon she uses in-game, the Endothermic Blaster, which she uses to restore a radio tower.

It's this story of teamwork and dedication that encouraged Silveira to create and name his organization Ecopoint: Brazil. 

"It is something that I've had in mind since I was a teenager," Silveira said in the feature video, "that one day I'd do something that could cause an impact large enough to change people's minds."

Ecopoint: Brazil is dedicated to planting trees and to rebuild habitats worldwide. Even though the organization began in Brazil, the project and its message have since spread to other countries, including Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.