Fortnite: Battle Royale recently entered Season 6 and with that, brought a some needed changes to the meta game.

The highlight of this change would have to be the​ removal of the Remote Explosives. This item has gone through a myriad of changes since it's release. It's seen buffs and nerfs of all sorts, but it never had a place in the game. There's virtually no counter play against this item, which makes it extremely broken. Especially in ​Fortnite's competitive scene, if an individual or squad has Remote Explosives in their loadout, it's almost a guarantee elimination on one other enemy.

Remote Explosives have been under heavy discussion throughout the community, and removing them is a step in the right direction for fixing the Season 5 meta. It's possible the item will be brought back in the future from the vault, but players should not be expecting that anytime soon. Removing the Remote Explosives should widen the skill gap between the average player and a high level one, especially in a build fight.   

Season 5 was notorious for the 'spam meta' with the major changes to the various SMG's, making them extremely powerful. Running a shotgun and SMG in a loadout with healing items was usually enough for a player to dominate. What made SMG's such a deadly weapon were the changes to the health values for the three materials. Wood is the most common material and had it's health lowered, with brick and metal being buffed to match their respective rarity.

The problem with the nerfed health on wood was even if a player had turbo building, an epic or legendary SMG could shred through and pump out massive damage. Removing the LMG's from the weapon pool certainly helps out. Epic should continue to monitor the power of SMG's, since the 'spam meta' is still in full effect. Players will often have to take a 50/50 play when going up against an enemy, hoping their spray will win out.

Running double shotgun is not a part of the past, but players have been asking season after season for it to come back. Epic Games brought in the Double Barrel Shotgun, but it's effectiveness, especially in pro play has been almost too effective. The first patch for Season 6 has nerfed the overall damage, which helps out a bit, although players are still asking for it to be completely vaulted. 

As of now, the Double Barrel Shotgun nerf makes the other shotgun variants more viable than in Season 5. These changes are mostly prevalent in public matches, meaning in competitive play, it's still the best power weapon to have. Since scrimmage lobbies and Skirmish Series games end with players in tight knit tunnels and close quarters, it's understandable why the gun would be so effective.

If Epic does not decide to vault the Double Barrel Shotgun, they should consider adjusting the damage, or reducing the down time between shots on the pump, tactical, and heavy shotguns. This way, players won't have to default to one, since Epic Games does want Fortnite to have a flexible and diverse pool of weapons to choose from. 

Epic is continuing to listen to the community, and their change have had good intentions. It's not easy to balance a game to find that harmony between competitive and casual play. This is only that start of Season 6, but it's already looking much better than the entirety of the previous one.

Cover Photo courtesy of Epic Games