​Popular Russian streamer Ilya "AlohaDance" Korobkin was permanently banned from Twitch after listening to Maroon 5's "Girls Like You" on stream.

Usually, listening to copyrighted music on stream results in the VOD being silenced, but recently streamers have been receiving DMCA notices for playing copyrighted music. When the music comes from widely known or popular bands, the risk for the streamer goes up.

​​AlohaDance has been trying to repeal the ban, sending messages and tweets to Maroon 5, Twitch and even IFPI, the recording industry who represents Maroon 5. As of now, there is no sign that the ban will be repealed, as AlohaDance's messages and appeals have gone unanswered.

It remains unclear whether or not AlohaDance will be able to stream again, either on his main account or on an alternate one. For players who get their entire income from streaming, receiving a Twitch ban is basically them losing their job.

Photo courtesy of Starladder