Artist Antonio Demonico shared a fan skin concept for a Plague Doctor Ana skin, in honor of the return of the Overwatch Halloween Terror event. 

​​The ​Overwatch fan skin was based off of a plague doctor. One of the most prominent features of plague doctors are the long beak-like masks. The fan made Ana skin has a tattered skirt and jacket, and she is seen carrying various potions, most likely filled with medicine. Plague Doctor Ana is also carrying a kit with scissors and knives close to her body. 

The artist also drew concept art for her weapons in the fan made skin. Parts of her rifle and Sleep Dart are made out of wood, and the weapons look somewhat worn out.

A skin similar to the fan made Ana skin already exists in-game with ​Plague Doctor Reaper

Halloween Terror will return on Oct. 9. ​Six new skins were leaked through the Overwatch Public Test Region, but it is unknown which characters will receive the skins. Ana received the ​legendary Corsair skin in last year's iteration of the event.