5 Best Twisted Fate Skins in League of Legends

There are plenty of great Twisted Fate skins in League of Legends, so there is always a debate on which of his skins are the best. To put that to rest, this list will go over the five best Twisted Fate skins in League of Legends.

5. Jack of Hearts

Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate doesn't have any fancy additions to it, but it is still a great skin. Since Twisted Fate is a gambler, having a card-based skin for him only makes sense. In this skin, he is featured in a red uniform to go with the color of his cards.

4. High Noon

Another skin that fits Twisted Fate well is his High Noon skin. In this skin he is depicted in Wild West attire and is ready to start some trouble. While this skin may not have a whole lot of unique features, this skin is worth it just for the style.

3. Blood Moon

Here is where the skins start to get interesting. Blood Moon Twisted Fate has all sorts of unique features. He has a completely new look that fits the Blood Moon theme well. His abilities all glow a bright red and his ultimate pixels are something to behold.

2. Pulsefire

Twisted Fate's newest skin, Pulsefire, came out to a crowd of overjoyed players. This skin fits the theme well while still preserving the classic Twisted Fate feel. For this skin, Twisted Fate has a cool new outfit and a unique Pick-A-Card animation, as well as glowing blue attacks.

1. Underworld

For players looking to buy this skin, be sure to grab it in its short window. It is only available during the Harrowing event. In this skin, Twisted Fate has has a cool glow to all his abilities that make it seem like he really is from the underworld.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games