​Splash art for the upcoming Infernal Amumu skin arrived on the Public Beta Environment Wednesday in the latest League of Legends Patch 8.20 PBE update. Three new emotes featuring Ezreal also hit the PBE in the update, as did nerfs for Evelynn and Graves.

The splash art shows a typically morose Amumu with an atypical amount of fire all over him, while the emotes show Ezreal blowing off his finger guns, bidding farewell, and crying with joy (although it looks more like he's just lost his mind). The emotes are titled "Easy E-Z," "Gotta Run," and "Tears of Joy."

Evelynn's nerf targets her damage output, lowering the empowered damage of Whiplash (E) from 95/115/135/155/175 to 75/100/125/150/175 and the damage of Last Caress (R) from 150/275/400 to 125/250/375. Graves had his base damage lowered from 66 to 63.

The previous two League of Legends Patch 8.20 PBE updates have focused alternately on ​nerfs for Ahri, Nami, and Sion, and on new ​splash art for the redesigned Ezreal.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games