The Best Team Comp For Junkenstein's Revenge Endless in Overwatch

Junkenstein's Revenge returns to Overwatch along with Halloween Terror next week. The event is set to bring many new skins and content, but will also bring back the Junkenstein's Revenge Endless game mode. 

Here's the best team comp (in no particular order) for success in the game mode.

4. Torbjörn

It will be interesting to see how the new Torbjörn works in Junkenstein, should he go live with the new patch, but the old one was always fantastic at destroying the small zomnics. The only issue it ever had was when it locked on to a boss target, where the robots would get out of hand. The new, re-targeting turret, should be better. 

3. Ana

Ana is great at simultaneously healing her team large amounts and dealing decent damage. She is particularly great at sleeping the large monsters if a team needs to kill the robots again. If she sleeps them during their introduction, it is rather funny as well. Her new Nano Boost will come in handy during intense moments.

2. Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76, especially with his new buffs, should be a great pick for working through the harder stages of Junkenstein's Revenge. His high damage and his aimbot for an ultimate make him a king at taking down the robots, while he still does good damage against the monsters that spawn. 

1. Zenyatta

Although Ana can get her own healing from Soldier:76's Biotic Field, it would require him to stick with her at all times -- which might not happen because of the chaotic nature of this game mode. Zenyatta can provide healing for Ana or other targets that need healing. His Orb of Discord will also be crucial in taking down bosses and zomnics as quickly as possible.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard