The Vancouver Canucks, a professional hockey team in the NHL, banned players from playing Fortnite for the duration of the season, according to Sports Illustrated. 

Canucks forward Bo Hovat told SI the team instituted a ban on ​Fortnite for the NHL season. The ban would prevent players from spending too much time playing Fortnite, and instead spend time focusing on the long season. A few people in the NHL expressed concerns of younger hockey players, largely at the major junior league in Canada, having poorer performance on ice because of long gaming marathons, according to the report.

Other NHL players commented on the ban since it was announced, with varying opinions. Winnipeg Jets forward Nikolaj Ehlers, who is a Fortnite fan, said sports players should know what they need to do to be prepared for a game -- which does not include playing Fortnite until 2 a.m. 

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Zach Hyman told SI the ban wasn't necessary and Fortnite itself wasn't the problem. "I think that you can get addicted to anything. If you're sitting there playing Fortnite for 12 hours a day it's probably not the best thing for you, but if you play it like a normal person - one or two hours a day - then you're fine." Defenseman Jake Gardiner said he wouldn't mind a ban.

Fortnite is a cultural phenomenon and impacted people of all ages. It was recently ​seen in Saturday Night Live for its Season 44 premiere and was Fortnite dances were even ​done by players at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games