5 Best Blitzcrank Skins in League of Legends

Blitzcrank has a number of skins that perfectly embody the champion's goofy nature, but five of them stand apart from the rest. 

Here are the five best Blitzcrank skins in League of Legends.

With a game cartridge loaded in his back and his brain visible through his cranium, Battle Boss Blitzcrank was one of the most unique and ambitious skins for the champion upon its release. The sound and particle effects upon activating his E and W abilities capture the Arcade theme perfectly, making the skin well-worth its price of 1350 RP.

If players don't like the original green and purple theme of the skin, they can choose from an array of uniquely colored chromas ranging from pinks to yellows to even a rainbow one.  

4. Boom Boom Blitzcrank

Sporting two large red boxing gloves on his fists, Boom Boom Blitzcrank has aged into one of Blitzcranks best skins with its goofy design. With duck-shaped feet and a black eye, this skin blends the robot's rustic design with the boxing skin line.

For only 520 RP, this skin is simple while still perfectly embodying Blitzcrank's personality.

3. iBlitzcrank

iBlitzcrank is perhaps one of the sleekest designs for the Great Steam Golem. The skin looks like something designed in the future with its steel and black color theme and bright blue glowing accents. The particle effects also bring the futuristic feel for the champion's older design with red and purple glows on Blitzcrank's hook. 

It perfectly goes with a few of Kog'Maw's skins

2. Piltover Customs Blitzcrank

Released over seven years ago, Piltover Customs Blitzcrank has remained one of the most iconic and goofiest of all of Blitzcrank's skins. 

Despite being one of the older skins, it's the character and personality behind the design that keeps this skin higher up on this list. The champion resembles an old truck and is equipped with an old car horn upon activating his W. Nothing is more fun than hearing this iconic sound as players run towards a potential hook onto an enemy champion.

1. Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank

As his two newest skins, both Lancer Rogue and Paragon Blitzcrank find their way to the top of this list. However, of the two, Lancer Rogue takes the cake for the best Blitzcrank skin. 

With a new voice over to match the evil nature of the skin, Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank comes with beautiful particle effects and a unique design for the robot. Instead of the classic hook, Lancer Rogue sports a lance that acts as a drill connected to the champion with a chain upon hooking an enemy target. For his W, Blitzcrank floats in the air with a set of fiery jets on his back to complete the medieval, yet futuristic design. 

As one of the best designed skins for the champion, it is well worth its price of 1350 RP for all the effects it comes with.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games