​Region-locked matchmaking is on the way to PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS for Xbox in an attempt to reduce desync, according to Friday's PUBG Xbox community post.

The region locking system will force players to play on the server nearest to them, which ​PUBG Xbox community manager Lumos claims will increase the chance of low ping players playing exclusively against one another and therefore minimizing desync instances for most players.

In his ​post on the PUBG Xbox subreddit, Lumos also stated that PUBG Corp is investigating a instances where player movement didn't appear "smooth" to other players. The problem appears to have been caused by poor movement prediction by the game's servers, and PUBG Corp has made improvements to the accuracy of character movement prediction to stamp out the problem.

PUBG Corp ​announced it had been working on solving desync problems in a Sept. 22 community post.

Region locking ​first arrived on the PUBG PC test servers Sept. 20, then ​arrived on that platform's live servers Tuesday.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp