Noh "Arrow" Dong-hyeon will leave OpTic Gaming for a new League of Legends team for the 2019 NA LCS season, according to a tweet published Friday from his personal account. 

Arrow's statement says he has received permission from OpTic to explore other League of Legends teams, and that he is searching for the right fit.

Inven Global first reported on Arrow joining OpTic in November. Since then, he and the team earned a ninth-place finish in the NA LCS spring split followed by a seventh in the summer split.

According to the Riot Games contract database, Arrow's contract with OpTic is set to expire in November.

Arrow first made his name in League of Legends on KT Rolster, which he played for from February 2014 to November 2016. At that point, he moved to Phoenix1, playing in the NA LCS instead of in League Champions Korea. During his time there, he earned the NA LCS spring split 2017 MVP award before joining OpTic later that year.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games