Riot Games Comments on Intentional Feeding Sion Strategy

Riot Games commented on a controversial new strategy in League of Legends on Saturday, signaling its temporary and contingent support of the tactic known as inting Sion.

Inting, or intentional feeding, is one of the greatest sins in ​League of Legends. This strategy, apparently ​discovered by a player named MidLanerFromHell, uses Sion as a turret destroyer above all else, even sacrificing himself in the name of base destruction. League of Legends product lead Richard "Maple" Henkel ​took to Reddit to explain that despite the controversy surrounding inting Sion, Riot does not consider it cheating or deserving of a ban.

Maple began his post by suggesting players refer to the strategy as Strategically Minded Sion, rather than inting Sion, in order to combat the stigma against it. He went on to say that as it stands, the strategy is perfectly valid. He and the development team at Riot plan to give the community time to learn about and deal with inting Sion before stepping in with balance changes.​

Sion previously received a nerf Tuesday on the Public Beta Environment in the ​latest League of Legends Patch 8.20 PBE update. It appears unrelated to the newly ascendant strategy.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games