5 Biggest PUBG Updates in PUBG PC History

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS started out as a mere seed compared to its future self. When the game first launched, first person mode didn't exist, a feature which is now integral to the pro PUBG scene. PUBG only got here one update at a time, so here are the five biggest PC updates that the game has ever seen!

5. Update 12 - Weapon Balance

Update 12 came with an abundance of much needed improvements to shotguns, SMGs, rifles, and even throwables. Additionally, a new gun launched with the update, and six new attachments to come with it. The changes would alter the way PUBG is played forever.

4. Update 21 - Training Mode

This update brought a myriad of new and exciting toys for players to mess around with. First off was the training mode, a small space to race, test guns, and generally just have a good time. Along with it came a new gun, the mutant, the Sanhok exclusive Tukshai vehicle and the much requested supply system.

3. Update 22 - Ranks

The new ranked system allows players to compete with an entirely different mindset. Nearly every competitive game is marked with an MMR system, and PUBG Corp finally buckled down and released it in Update 22. Ranks keep the game fresh and fun, and give an incentive to players that want to keep improving their skills.

2. Update 15 - Sanhok

Players love Sanhok because it's so drastically different than Erangel or Miramar. Sanhok offers a fast, close quarters experience to those who want it. That's why when Sanhok released it was such a big deal, it was something that had never been seen before in all of PUBG's history.

1. Event Mode

Event Modes are fun, unique and thrilling, and the best part is they're new every week. Event Modes add a whole new way to play PUBG: they offer a breather where players can have fun and mess around, free of the crushing competitiveness that comes with the normal battle royale modes.

Photos courtesy of PUBG Corp