Kellogg's will be working with Blizzard to release a cereal featuring Lúcio. 

In the game, there is a fan-favorite spray for Lúcio that shows a box of cereal with a photo of  Lúcio and the title "Lúcio-Oh's." Since players love the spray so much, they have written into Blizzard saying how the fanbase would love an actual release of the product. 

Now, fans can rejoice, as Kellogg's cereal is partnering with Blizzard to make this dream into a reality. The website that released this information, The Junk Food Aisle, says that this cereal is just around the corner, and is expected to be released around Dec. 3. 

There are already photos being released on what the box may potentially look like. While it may not replicate the same ​in-game ​Overwatch appearance, it is sure to please fans nonetheless. On top of that, it is supposed that each box will come with a code for a free loot crate, giving players extra loot. 

So, players need to prepare for the release of this cereal and get a box before it runs out

Photo courtesy of Blizzard