​Valve announced changes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Tuesday introducing two new maps, Biome and Sub-Zero, changes to the early-game economy and changes to the CZ75-Auto and Tec9 pistols.

​​The latest ​CS:GO patch added Sub-Zero, ​the newest map from de_Cache creator FMPONE, to the casual matchmaking pool in Group Sigma. Additionally, Valve made a change to the start-of-half economy in competitive matchmaking. Teams will receive $1,900 instead of $1,400, meaning teams start on a one-round losing streak at the beginning of halves. 

The SG-553 and AUG had their prices reduced to $2,750 and $3,100 respectively. The CZ75-Auto received nerfs to its recoil and accuracy while the Tec9 got buffs to its accuracy.

Other changes are as follows:

- Austria is now available in competitive matchmaking; added to Group Delta in casual

- Canals has been removed from competitive matchmaking

- Shipped and Insertion are no longer available in official matchmaking

- Enabled mouse bindings for voice chat to work in end of match scoreboard

Valve recently added the MP5-SD to CS:GO​, as well as new counter-terrorist character models for Nuke. For the full list of changes, check out the release notes ​here

Photo courtesy of Valve