​A new update to Counter Strike: Global Offensive was rolled out last night and brought many great changes to the game.

​To start off, Valve has introduced both Biome and Sub-Zero maps officially into the game and they are now available to play in Casual Matchmaking. This is a good sign for the game, as there's potential for new maps coming forward to replace the old ones that have been played for years.

Another change comes with the CZ-75 and the TEC-9, where the CZ has been nerfed while the TEC-9 has been buffed. This makes the decision on whether to use the TEC-9 or the CZ-75 in the game harder and means that the TEC-9 might finally receive some more love again.

The final significant change to the game is that now after the pistol round, the losing team will receive the second-round losing streak money of $1,900 instead of $1,400. This is an improvement to the game as it means that the loss of a pistol round is less financially significant and does not put a team in as much of a hole as before.

All in all, these changes to the game can only be seen as a positive and further make ​CS:GO into a better and more enhanced game.

Photo courtesy of Valve