Riot Games removed ​League of Legends NA LCS color commentator Aidan "Zirene" Moon from casting any of the worlds group stage because he missed his call time during play-ins. 

Zirene failed to make his call time for the play-in knockout match between G-Rex and SuperMassive on Oct. 7. In a Twitch stream following the event, Zirene explained his alarm failed to go off because his Android phone became encrypted following an update, resulting in his failure to wake up in time for the game.

Riot Games issued a punishment for Zirene because of his absence, removing him from the broadcast team for the entirety of the ​League of Legends World Championship group stage. It's unclear whether or not the NA LCS color commentator will return for the quarterfinals. 

​​"If they didn't make this decision, then I would have been disappointed," Zirene stated during a livestream. "You need to have people who are reliable on these types of things."

The group stage began early Wednesday morning and will continue until Oct. 17. 

Photo courtesy of Riot Games