​A PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS data miner posted data files hinting at potential Joker and Harley Quinn cosmetic items coming to PUBG PC.

​​The ​PUBG game files on the Reddit post read:

ITEM:41090004":{item_id:41090004,name:"Battle Belt"},"ITEM:41050055":{item_id:41050055,name:"Work Jacket"},"ITEM:41040016":{item_id:41040016,name:"Rubber Coated Gloves"},"ITEM:41020069":{item_id:41020069,name:"Work Pants"},"ITEM:41050056":{item_id:41050056,name:"Work Jacket"},"ITEM:51100001":{item_id:51100001,name:"Joker - Hair"},"ITEM:51300001":{item_id:51300001,name:"Joker - Make up"},"ITEM:52100001":{item_id:52100001,name:"Harley quinn - Hair"},"ITEM:52300001":{item_id:52300001,name:"Harley quinn - Make up"}

The item identification names give the impression that there will be full outfits based off of DC Comics' famous villain duo. If these possible items made their way into the game, it would mark the first major comic book crossover for PUBG. 

Epic Games did a crossover with Marvel in ​May for Avengers: Infinity War, but it seems PUBG Corp is timing this release in conjunction with Halloween. Fortnite players were able to play as Thanos, but there weren't any licensed cosmetics released for purchase. 

In August, there was a ​PUBG Mobile crossover with "Mission Impossible: Fallout" that featured unique cosmetics for players to earn. 

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp