The latest episode of the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier feature series ​set a record for the most viewed esports program on cable TV, Turner Sports announced Wednesday.

ELEAGUE aired the ​CS:GO Premier feature series on Friday Oct. 5. The event was aired on TBS and was seen by over 700,000 viewers, a number that shattered the previous record.

This year's CS:GO premier was cut into a seven part series and showcased all the best moments from the tournament. The program also kicked off with an overview of CS:GO's history, and it took a closer look at the various strategic elements that go into the professional scene.

Providing commentary were retired Counter-Strike professionals turned commentators Sean "SeanGares" Gares and Jason "Moses" O'Toole. These two were joined by one of the most well-known hosts in CS:GO history, Alex "Machine" Richardson. The trio offered commentary, insight and in depth looks at the various elements going into the best moments of the CS:GO Premier 2018.

This record coincides with the recent update to various CS:GO mechanics. Additionally, it brought two new maps that could eventually come into the competitive rotation.

Photo courtesy of Turner Sports/ELEAGUE