​Danil "Dendi" Ishutin left Natus Vincere after nearly eight years of being the team's poster boy, but now Dendi has to compete against his former team in a strange twist of fate.

It all started after a cryptic tweet from Team Secret that announced Clement "Puppey" Ivanov was phoning a "friend" to be a stand-in for the team. Fans instantly began speculating that this would be Dendi, Puppey's longtime friend and former teammate. As it turns out, they were right, and Dendi will ​stand in for Team Secret during the ​Dota 2 Maincast's Autumn Brawl!

​​Puppey and Dendi won an International together on Na'Vi, and now they've finally reunited on Team Secret, however briefly. The awkward part is, the former Na'Vi players will compete against their former team. For Puppey, this isn't really a new experience, as he hasn't been with Na'Vi since 2014 and has played against them many times.

It'll be a first for Dendi, though. Adding to the awkwardness is the fact that Dendi left only a few months ago, meaning he'll be up against players who were just his teammates. Fortunately for both teams, Dendi is known for his positive attitude and cheerful demeanor, and the match will most likely be a playful romp rather than a heated revenge match.

The match will begin at 11 a.m. ET Friday.

Photo courtesy of Team Secret