The latest Overwatch update added new in-game interactions between Overwatch heroes during the preparation stage of a match. Among the new interactions are interactions referencing the death of Mondatta and how Tracer is handling his death.

​​During the preparation stage of an ​Overwatch match, a new voice line interaction between Tracer and Genji might play when the two heroes are on the same team. He tells Tracer not to blame herself for Mondatta's death. Her response is interesting and shows a different side to Tracer that players have rarely seen.

"You don't understand, Genji, I could have saved him! Maybe the world would have been better off if it had been me instead of him," she said.

Tracer is referring to the death of Mondatta, seen in the ​Alive short. During a duel with Widowmaker, she tried to protect the omnic leader of the Shimbali who was advocating omnic rights and a world where omnics and humans lived together. He was assassinated by Widowmaker despite Tracer's efforts. Hearing Tracer express her guilt and wonder if she should be dead is a new look for the hero who always looks at the bright side of things. The guilt is still eating away at her.

An interaction between Widowmaker and Tracer refers to the death, too. Widowmaker almost teases her by asking it bothered Tracer knowing she could have saved Mondatta's life. "We are all responsible for the choices we've made."

Tracer does not give Widowmaker the satisfaction of knowing Tracer believes Mondatta's death is on her hands, but the response does not deny it either. The statement could be more of Tracer trying to remind herself it is not her fault, despite believing her choices led to his death.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard