4 Worst Heroes for Endless Junkenstein's Revenge in Overwatch Halloween Terror

The Halloween Terror event returned to Overwatch, bringing back Junkenstein's Revenge and both Classic and Endless modes. The best heroes for Junkenstein's Revenge are varying, but there are also some characters that are simply not too good for this event. The reworked Torbjorn is very good for this mode. But, there are some heroes to avoid.

Here are the four worst heroes for Junkenstein's Revenge in Overwatch Halloween Terror.

4. Moira

Moira is great in competitive play right now, but is not quite as good with Junkenstein's Revenge. Her healing output is massive, but the best way to approach this challenge requires a lot of distance between players. A healer is better suited playing Ana, where they can do more damage and still heal. 

3. Mercy

Mercy's lack of damage puts her on this list, as healing is not as necessary in this challenge as damage. She can do okay with her blaster but, just like Moira, a healer player is better off on Ana or Zenyatta to take down the endless hordes. 

2. Winston

Winston is great in most modes of Overwatch, but has an issue where his Tesla Cannon does not do enough to hurt any of the main enemies. Winston does not provide as much of a shield as Orisa or Reinhardt, and does not do enough damage to be viable. 

1. Lucio

Lucio is bad for Junkenstein's Revenge because his kit is not suited for this stationary play style. Speed Boost does not provide much value, and Lucio does not do as much damage as Ana or Zenyatta. Playing Lucio will work on low difficulties, but it will get challenging towards the later rounds of endless mode. 

Photos courtesy of Blizzard