A new voice line interaction between Sombra and Symmetra in Overwatch hints at the Vishkar Corporation and its involvement with the terrorist Talon organization. 

​​Sombra is well-known for having classified information on a number of people -- like Katya Volskaya, who she blackmailed in the "Infiltration" short. In her new interaction with Symmetra, Sombra mentions the Vishkar Corporation. "What interesting things I've learned about your employers, Ms. Vaswani," she said.

Symmetra's response challenges Sombra's claim. "What have you heard?"

Sombra is referring to Sanjay Korpal, an official in Vishkar who is also a part of Talon -- though Symmetra is unaware of this. He appears to be at one of the highest ranks in Talon, as he was seen sitting with Doomfist, Moira, Reaper, and Maximilien. A previous voice line interaction between her and Doomfist affirmed she is oblivious to Vishkar's hidden motives and affiliation with Talon.

Her doubts about Vishkar stem from the "A Better World" comic where players learn about Symmetra's past and relationship with Vishkar. The suspicious choices Vishkar is making behind-the-scenes are brought to life though Symmetra chooses to believe the best in the corporation, even though a part of her has doubts on what Vishkar is doing.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard