At Anime Fest, a convention held with New York Comic Con, a few of the voice actresses for Overwatch spoke at a panel and revealed what their favorite voice line was for their hero. 

​​Anjali Bhimani, the voice actress for Symmetra, said the hero's new ultimate voice line for Photon Barrier was her favorite. In English, the voice line translates to "this is the ultimate reality." Enemies will hear "reality bends to my will." 

Lucie Pohl said she loved the lines she recorded for ​Pink Mercy, specifically a line from the trailer for ​Overwatch's first charity event. "I really love that one line -- it's such a great message. 'Helping those in need is its own reward.' I love that," she said. 

Pharah's voice actress Jen Cohn explained she loved Pharah's Barrage ultimate voice line. 

"Justice rains from above!" Cohn mentioned saying "justice" the right way as Pharah is difficult to do when seated, which is why she needs to be standing a certain way when recording the line. "The other one I like is 'rocket jump? That sounds dangerous,'" she said.

"I think my favorite right now -- I have a ​new Diablo skin -- and Sombra has a different ultimate with just that skin. And it is: la oscuridad te espera!" Carolina Ravassa said. The line translates to "the darkness awaits you" in English. The skin is currently a BlizzCon exclusive.

At the same panel, Cohn revealed her desires for an animated Overwatch short ​centered on Pharah and Ana.

Cover photo courtesy of Lucie Pohl/Twitter