Mousesports is considering benching Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski​ on its Counter-STrike: Global Offensive roster, according to a report Thursday by VPEsports.

Despite a win at ESL One New York over favorites Team Liquid, mousesports is reportedly unhappy with its CS:GO team's performance in 2018. Following the team's 9-11th place finish at StarSeries this week, the organization reportedly held a meeting to discuss the team's future. Snax was not invited to that meeting.

Snax is expected to be benched in the coming days, according to the report, after ​joining the team June 27, just three and a half months ago, for a ​buyout reportedly worth $290,000.

VPEsports also reports that Martin "STYKO" Styk will likely return to the active roster after ​mousesports lent him to Cloud9 for the period of ESL One Cologne through the FACEIT Major, a total of about two months.

Mousesports is next scheduled to compete ​Oct. 22-28 at EPICENTER.

Photo by Helena Kristiansson/ESL